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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hot button issue. one congress woman giving up special treatment to give up obama care. do you want your member of congress to use their speciali? why am i yelling? i could be hungry. tonight, 8:00 p.m., much more on this, fbn! hello, everyone, i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and her barbie transcribing has a cup holder for vodka, dana perino. 5:00 in new york city i think. >> i want one! ♪ it is pure her he is ee. a rodeo clown chased by a bull as people cheered. fair officials condemned it and banned the clown for life. the president of missouri rodeo cowboy association also resigned and the bull executed by firing squad, just kidding. but why not? he did go after the president.
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this story is about sensitivity, reaction, and overreaction. i can see how it looks. a bunch of people cheer as a man wearing our president's face is chased by a dumb animal. last i checked, it is not illegal to make light of the president or wear a mask of him, and tradition at rodeos, i am told by dana. the left loves to scream when it is their guys. i say lighten up, but they would accuse me of being racist. let's be honest, it is all about whose team you are. you like bush, got mad when they called him names, you like obama, same with him. from lincoln to reagan to palin, the left first mask hate as parody. if this doesn't bother obama, why should it bother you? he is too focused on the kardashians. seriously, what does he have against armenians? the rodeo clown's job is to keep the bull distracted so other cowboys reach safety. maybe the mask was intended as a compliment. perhaps obama should try to get the clown's job back.
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count it as one of the jobs saved we kept hearing about. lastly, weird watching an ideology up in arms over a clown as they are silent about filner, the irs, and benghazi. that's the real bull, and boy are they running from that. little play on the words there. >> clever. >> dana, you are the resident expert at fox news on rodeos. >> i might be the only one. >> she was lecturing me on everything. is this offensive or is it part of the rich history of presidential parody that occurs in such roe -- rodeos. >> have you ever been to one? >> i have been to fairs, but i was often too in eastbound reated. >> i grew up on rodeos. he used to go calf roping on friday night. what did you say? you never really grew up, meaning you're small. i mean, you're cute. anyway, rodeos. the rodeo clown is there because
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usually you have a dummy and you use the dummy so the bull can hook the dummy, get it, play on words, dummy. so every president is always made fun of, the subject of ridicule. this is a height of achievement to be made fun of by the rodeo clown is actually success. >> i had no idea. >> yes. >> everybody should aspire to be a rodeo clown dummy. >> i do. and let me tell you something, in 2001 right before -- you don't understand, this is a big deal. you get made fun of by the rodeo clown, you have made it. >> never seen dana more passionate. >> i think this attack on first of all, the rodeo clown loses his job for life. the clowns have to go to sensitivity training. this is such bull you know what. okay, can i just keep talking? right before 9/11, eight days before 9/11 a rodeo clown had a mask of bill clinton, and someone in the audience got offended, said he was
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anti-semitic, made the rodeo announcer resign. he lost all his sponsorships because people don't understand what it is like to go to a rodeo. bob, wake up! >> bob gets mad when he is not talking. bob, stop attending rodeos as a protest? >> i used to go to the rodeo at jackson hole every weekend and this guy, there's a difference between putting a mask on. i think that's fine, presidents had that happen before. this guy said to the crowd with a microphone obama should be n run down by a bull. >> that's what they say. they hook the dummy. >> they say he should run-down george bush? >> yes. >> that's how it is done. >> absolutely. that's what the bull is supposed to do. >> i understand what the bull is supposed to do. did the clown say on a microphone -- >> i cannot imagine they didn't say that. >> are you sure they said that? >> yeah, that's what he said. >> i heard the sound bite where
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he said i am a clown wearing a dummy's mask but obama doesn't realize he is a clown or something to that effect or dummy. this is just fun, bob. it is just fun. when they wore ronald reagan masks in point break, remember that, bank robbers, madonna blew up george bush's head, sarah palin had some other things done to her. >> the liberal piece of this, you say liberals are making a stink. frankly, the guy should be banned for life -- >> why is he banned for life, that's ridiculous. he is a rodeo clown. clown. that's what he is supposed to do, clown around. why shouldn't jay leno be fired for life for making fun of obama. >> does he say kill obama? >> he didn't say go kill obama. >> he said run-down obama. >> it was a clown! it is a dummy! the bull is supposed to chase the dummy, am i right?
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>> what do you know about this. >> i know nothing but at least i am not pretending to know something. i want to get the lawyer in on this. kimberly. the doj and secret service investigate the clown as the naacp urges? >> their time is better spent on bob beckel, be honest, seriously. they may find something. why do you have to investigate a clown? he is wearing a mask, it is sort of like halloween, this is his job. now he is banned for life? are these federal sentencing guidelines? it is ridiculous. >> he was banned by oklahoma rodeo association. >> missouri, not oklahoma, which is ridiculous. ban the missouri fair for doing this. it is crazy. >> i want to throw to mark wolf from missouri state fair director, this is what he said and he was ticked. >> we hold them accountable and we certainly hold this person accountable for their actions,
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you know. we're going to -- he will not be out here again, i promise you that. >> he was saying that because he felt that it was -- or he was worried about his job. >> here is what they're worried about, a couple of democrat lawmakers are calling for funding to stop. there's state funding that goes to the fair and saying it should be pulled back and they're worried about that continuing or having to give back money already received. it is ridiculous, a joke. when bill maher says something ridiculous, rude, condescending, borderline libel, he hides behind comedy. >> he doesn't say kill them. >> bob, the rodeo clown is entertainment, not political commentary. >> bob is valiantly trying to pretend he is indignant. >> do you believe rodeo clowns should go to sensitivity
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training? >> i don't think you could take those guys and make them sensitive about anything. >> that's the point. >> rural america on flyover states, to ask the secret service to look into it -- >> i don't think they should do that. >> save a job, shovel ready, dig up the rodeo clown that he buried and say listen, people -- >> obama had nothing to do with it. >> he had nothing to do with it. >> it is one of the questions, how should obama handle the situation. >> obama had nothing to do with this guy losing his job, it was the missouri people had him do it. >> chris rock and there's a slew of black comedians that make fun of white people, everyone says they're not racist, they're having fun, entertaining. isn't this the same? >> does chris rock say kill the white people? >> okay, bob, you know what, it is just preposterous, and you want to know what divides america more and more, this absurdity. >> i like to see you get -- i am going to keep kicking you on
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this. i think they should shoot the son of a bitch myself. >> if they had a hillary clinton mask -- >> he said run down obama. >> stand in front of a bull and see whether you live. >> hey, can i throw this, josh earnest. >> are we still talking about this? >> we're doing a whole hour on this, bob, press secretary talking at martha's vineyard. >> i have not talked to my colleagues in the white house about this, haven't heard about the president's reaction or if he had one. i can tell you as a native missourian, not one of our best moments, not the way i like to see our state mentioned in the news. in terms of department of justice action, i refer you to them. >> imagine if they had said -- height of achievement, look at the progress.
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we have the first black american president and he got made fun of by the rodeo clown. this is awesome. we should celebrate this, america, they would have looked like heroes, instead they look annoying, even though he has the best name in pr. joshua earnest. great name. >> do you think, eric, that the argument -- >> still going on with this? >> i'm telling you, we're doing this a whole hour, bob, so just relax. >> we're going to take bret's hour, too. >> this is two hours, a filibuster on rodeo clowns. >> didn't you hear about the rodeo clown that wears suspenders in the d block -- and we're going to try to take -- >> i just blew my nose on that. >> there's a colony of aliens on that. does behavior imply threat to the president? >> no, that's why it is
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ludicrous. tax dollars are divested on this? where's the sense of humor here. >> he could have said obama wears mom jeans, would have been a great response. >> where have you been -- >> wait a second. when they had bush in a rodeo face on a rodeo clown, did they say run over george bush? >> bob, i don't have a quote, it is so ludicrous. i can't even believe i am arguing about it. what do you think they said -- >> you have been going on for ten minutes. >> do you think the rodeo clowns said here is george w. bush, doesn't everybody love it and cheer for it? of course not. they say don't you want to run over the president. >> i'll give you my time, please keep going. >> i will go to colonel allen west who had this to say last night about this. >> we have had presidential masks, parodies, had it at that
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state fair before. one of the things i find that is really hypocrisy, i remember when condoleezza rice had the birthing tubes cartoon drawn about her, there was no outcry. this last election cycle, i had a gold tooth painted on my face, i had boxing gloves, i was punching white women, there was no outcry, i think there's a little bit of hypocrisy. >> he did see unless i missed that, he thought it was inappropriate the language the clown used. >> need to go to a rodeo. somebody needs to grow a spine. >> oh, a spine, whoa. >> can i play devil's advocate? the only difference because it was a state fair, there was some state money coming into the fair, rodeos are generally private ventures? >> not at state fairs. >> not at the state fair, that's my point. >> cheyenne frontier days, all private money, all volunteers.
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>> and in those cases where it is a private rodeo where they generate their own income from ticket sales at the door, sales, concessions, have fun with it. if it is the state, half the money coming into the state are democrats. >> banned for life? >> what do you want to talk about, let's talk about the irs scandal, bob, or benghazi. you want to talk about that? >> the epic scandal. >> i think that's something worth talking about. the rodeo clown, if we keep going, dana is going to get very ill. look at her. >> no, i am laughing now because i put a mint in my mouth. >> probably swallowed it. >> they're so spicy. >> you need to go to rodeo clown school. >> i need to move back to rural america and forget this place. >> you really hate this place. >> don't take a vote on that. >> i'm having a hard time! >> oh, my gosh.
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somebody spiked the altoids. >> damn that rodeo. >> our table is not that durable, bob. >> we have to go. >> where is willie when you need him? >> willie? >> willie robertson. >> okay. >> willie would have said even with sticky frog legs. >> we're still on. a judge says stop and risk is unconstitutional because it unfairly targets minorities, but is it true, will it make people more or less safe. that debate, what a transition next on "the five"! ♪
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♪ allow me to start with this, hats off to law enforcement officers everywhere, you have tough and dangerous jobs, you're heroes. that said, stop and frisk, the effective, controversial law enforcement tactic ruled unconstitutional by u.s. district court judge shira schen
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h line. no one should be subject to stops. others point out stop and frisk is responsible for 65% drop in nyc murders since inception. this is a tough one. cops should have all the tools to keep us safe but have to do it by the book. that said, supreme court, final arbitor what is constitutional ruled in favor of stop and frisk in 1968. bob, i have to tell you, i wrestle with it, nsa stuff bothers me, it is not in my opinion constitutional. this seems to be constitutional. >> 65 drop due to this. give you some facts. 4.4 million stops in new york city. 4.4 million, over 50% of the people in new york city. >> of a 10 or 12 year period. >> 1.5 per 4.4 million guns were found, that's it. everything else they didn't find
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anything. of those, 1 were black, 1.1 hispanic, 3% white. 4.4 million people, you came up with that little stuff and that was the reason you dropped crime 65%? get out of here. it is unconstitutional. show me one thing they did. >> chicago and philly don't have stop and frisk, chicago has a murder rate four times new york, and philly about triple. >> does that help you wrestle to the right conclusion? come on. >> if you wish to adopt chicago's tactics over new york city's, you're an accomplice to mass murder. >> if you believe this stops crime. 4.4 million, and 1%? >> they confiscated so many illegal weapons and don't put them back, it helps decrease arrests, crimes aren't committed. >> you know why, they're looking -- you have people behind white picket fences in nice neighborhoods where there isn't gang violence. the reason why stop and frisk is
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good and stay in place, one, it is constitutional, don't need to struggle about it. the u.s. supreme court said it is constitutional and it is not unreasonable. if they suspect someone is up to criminal activity and is armed and dangerous, you bet i want them to go ahead and pat them down. it is not that intrusive. >> 4.4 million people. >> you're missing the point. the guys know the cops are out there, they might get stopped. it is deterrent in and of itself. when you see new york, it is an example of what's being done right. >> they thought 4.4 million people, thought there was reason to stop them. >> not going to play number gymnastics with you, bob. >> trying to say something here, this is how political correctness leads to violence and hurts people because none of the anti-stop and frisk people live in areas plagued by violence. i don't live in these areas. you can condemn stop and frisk without experiencing the consequences, bob, easy for you to say, you live in a comfy
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high-rise, you don't experience the problems they do. >> he does live in a nice place. >> stop and frisk out of 1968 supreme court decision which permitted police officers to detain a person based on reasonable suspicion. >> reasonable suspicion, that's right. >> one of the things that they said is that police officers are looking for possible suspects. there's a deterrent piece and also everybody remarks about the amazing change in new york city over the past 15 years. couldn't this possibly be one of the reasons? if you look at cause and effect? >> no. >> you don't think so? >> first of all, do you think it was reasonable suspicion to stop 4 million people? >> let me tell you something, bob. why don't you go -- >> if you stop somebody, have to fill out paperwork every time you stop somebody, yeah, you're not going to do it. >> helps them get a promotion, by the way. >> can we throw this out there. >> no. >> kg, bloomberg two days ago, stops occur in neighborhoods
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where crime has been reported, which disproportionately takes place in minority areas but not based on race. you ee limb ate racial profiling. >> this is more apology, apologetic behavior that leads to a rise in crime, unsafe communities. so keep it up. keep it up. right now, you always want to pull back on new york. it is working, that's why crime is down. that's why homicides are down. >> reasonable suspicion. >> bob, what is your point? >> 4.4 million people there was reasonable suspicion to stop them. >> the supreme court said it, bob. remember last year when the supreme court said obama care is a tax, a fee not a tax, therefore it will be constitutional. you're fine with supreme court when it works in your favor, when you don't like it -- >> i am in favor what they said, you can stop and frisk if there's reasonable suspicion. >> that was 1968. >> reasonable suspicion. you think all the stops --
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>> it has been in place, all of a sudden it is unreasonable? >> you think they had reasonable suspicion to stop all of them? >> i will say this, i get the hassle, i would be ticked if i was stopped. when we fly, we are stopped, but we deal with it because we don't want to be blown out of the sky. so, you know, if people get upset they have to learn i guess to live with it because it helps their community. law enforcement doesn't see it as a race issue, they see it as a community issue, communities need help and you should listen to the people that live there. ask them. is it helping their community if the crime is going down. >> they want the cops there. >> they don't to listen to people like me, listen to people in the community, find out how they feel about it. >> there's a branding problem. the liberals that don't like it called it stop and frisk or maybe the cops call it that, but you stop somebody, you question them, and then, only then are
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you -- then do you take the next step to frisk them. it is not like they're picking black and brown people randomly off the street, saying hey, let me check your pockets. you talk to them, you want cops in the community. however, if all of the mayors last night, i watched that mayoral decade. >> like job saved. you can't prove it. you have to go with crime deterred. >> you okay with filming public square? >> no, i am not.
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i am against it. coming up, americans tell the president how they feel about obama care but he turned a deaf ear. you know it is bad when the mainstream media notices next on "the five." ♪
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♪ welcome back to "the five." i'm guessing there are a few people in the audience would like to go shopping, big fan of retail therapy myself.
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a lot of people shop because they think it will make them feel better. new study says shopping when you're blue can make you more depressed, lonely, hungry. that's something else! bob -- >> don't let bob ruin your segment. who likes to shop, takers? perino is in line. >> someone should have this story translated to people in north korea and sudan, you get glum at nordstroms. this is a great problem to have. people that did this study are commie pinkos. >> i didn't get the outrage memo. >> i am on the pathetic train. what a wonderful first world problem that you can fund a study to find out if people get more depressed when they get to
11:43 pm
go out and buy humorous cocktail napkins. that's what the woman said. >> there's nothing humorous about that. >> i think women get endorphins released when they go shopping, excited, i do, buy some shoes or chocolate, buy salami. >> so when you're running, at a certain point, the endorphins kick in, whatever chemical is released. in the shopping experience, is it when you're searching, when you find something? >> when you decide to buy right before you pay. >> the trigger. >> that's the only time. >> between the actual decision to buy and the register. >> that's what i think. >> usually if i am in saks, on the elevator, anticipation builds, the shoes are waiting for me. >> so it is the hunt. >> and the door opens, and i look and i see them and move in on the target. then i know if i am going to buy them and get excited.
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>> shoes? >> pretty much. >> baby gap. i find a pair of shorts that fit, incredible. >> on sale. >> they are on sale. >> i have some more hand me downs from ronan for you to wear. >> bob, do you even shop? >> no. >> he does other online shopping. >> i can't stand it. i can't go to malls, full of guys with their pants half off. and crooked baseball caps and teenage girls look like hookers. >> that's the bob i've come to know and love. >> anything else? >> he's right though, he's right. it is a depressing, going to the mall is a depressing experience. >> you better hurry up, online shopping is -- >> it is so fun, they have the corn dog on a stick, amazing, with an ice cold lemonade. >> i see a trend with the food. >> coming up, interesting new details about what president obama was doing the night that bin laden was killed and it
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comes directly from someone who was with him. stay tuned. snows ♪ please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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♪ actress halle berry and jennifer garner putting star power behind a bill to crackdown on the paparazzi. the legislation would make it a crime to photograph children without a legal guardian's permission. they delivered emotional testimony yesterday in sacramento. >> large, aggressive men swarm us, causing a mob scene, yelling, jockeying for position. crowding around the kids while running over other parents and children, unfortunate enough to be nearby. my 17 month old baby is terrified and cries. my four-year-old says why do these men never smile, why do they never go away. >> jennifer and i are here to say we aren't just whiney celebrities that many entitlements they think we are. we are moms protecting our children. take my picture.
11:50 pm
i get it. the children aren't actors, didn't ask to be thrown in this game. >> dana, let me ask you something, you're out there, famous like they are, you have the kids with you, what do you expect. >> i can see the point, i see the popular magazines, look through them, there's whole sections of the magazine of their kids. >> you're the problem. >> no, i am not. >> let me tell you what another problem is. what hurts their cause, while test test dy is at target to take a picture. they have a problem, they're responsible, other celebrities are not. >> you mean they're responsible mothers, yes, but there's others like kardashian types and they tip-off with their pr where they're going to be, wear this
11:51 pm
designer dress and bag, get a photo op, get it for free. how it works. >> there was a celebrity time machine, both of them went back 20 years to when they were in high school, said this would be your big beef, you're going to be in congress talking about how hard it is to be famous. you can choose now whether to be famous or not, you have to choose, they would still choose this. i agree with them, their kids didn't choose it, there should be honor among the paparazzi like honor among thieves. there's a market for it. if you don't like it, don't buy the magazines. >> what do you think? >> i think if they are in the public, they're free game. as long as they're not putting anyone in danger like allegedly princess di was runoff the road by paparazzi. obviously there has to be -- look, if they go in public, they're celebrities, that's the point. they make 20 million bucks a movie people want to see what they're like, what their family
11:52 pm
is like. >> i agree, i think that makes sense. i don't see how you can separate it out. you can't say all right, you can't take my picture because my kids are with me. >> they can layoff the kids. we are dealing with reasonable, common sense. paparazzi are driven, will do anything for a picture. they hire gang members to take pictures because they will hop fences. >> i agree with you. my point is they shouldn't go to congress to get legislation. >> all right, one more thing is next. >> i have had enough of you today! ♪
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♪ time for one more thing. as always, we probably must start off with dana. >> that's not true statistically. >> oh, yeah? >> yeah, i can prove it. remember last week we did a segment about what was your song most reminded you of summer. well, i think yahoo! music had a poll, greatest summer song of all time, this is what the people chose. ♪ surfing usa ♪ >> that's a great summer song.
11:57 pm
my first concert was the beach boys. >> i went to the beach boys. >> hopefully now you'll have that song in your head for the rest of the night. >> good for you, dana, mailing it in. kimberly? >> i have an awesome one. maybe you might even like this one, greg, fickle as you are. many of you might have been wondering what was the president doing the night osama bin laden was taken out by navy s.e.a.l.s. he had a chance to speak recently, had interesting information about what the president was doing. take a listen. >> most people were down in the situation room, he is like i am not going to be down there, i can't watch this entire thing, so he, myself, pete, the white house photographer, we must have played 15 games of spades. >> there you go. there's a picture of the president during this pivotal
11:58 pm
moment in american history. >> begs the question what he was doing the night of benghazi. maybe he was playing spades, cards upstairs. >> he was bowling. >> eric bolling. you're next. >> i'm next. if you have a few minutes, go online, check out "the new york times." rarely do i say that, but this is amazing, unease at the clinton foundation over finance and ambition. outlines questionable financial dealings, hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. cronyism. by the way, this clinton foundation may be the headquarters for hillary's 2016 presidential run. worth the time to read it. interesting read. >> also done remarkably good things. >> ran deficits. what were they spending the money on. >> got bill a lot of dates, that's for sure. >> for real. >> am i next? >> yes, bob. >> an old friend of mine, one of the country's greatest political
11:59 pm
reporters, jack germond died last night. he covered politics over 50 years. he wrote a column for the baltimore sun. i knew him very well. he was a great gambler. loved to bet the ponies, been at the track with him, he won a lot. jack, we're going to miss you, took no gruff from anybody, had a great sense of humor, i loved you. sleep well, pal. >> he wrote "the boys on the bus." >> i love the mclaughlin group when he was on, he would sit there like he didn't care. bad phrase. drinking the koolaid, what people say. >> ban that? >> yes. it is a cop out! like somebody disagrees with you, you're for stop and frisk, oh, kimberly, drink the koolaid. >> i made the koolaid. >> by the way, i like koolaid. >> orange, that was a good one. >> koolaid was never used in people's temple by the way, it
12:00 am
was a bad rap. >> how are we going to explain bob? >> fruit punch, wasn't koolaid. >> fruit punch, wasn't koolaid. welcome to "red eye." it is like the last of the mow he kens if by mohecans you promise to dance with me. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> who dances on way lewd? are professional athletes good role models? some say yes and others say aaron hernandez. and a fraternity at an ivy league college throws a bloods versus crypts party. and finally our personal -- are personal jet packs almost here? probably not, but we have been promising the things for 40 years and it is getting ridiculous.


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